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Jesse Takes on the Issues

Why You Should Go with Givens and Vote For Jesse Givens

Jesse Givens Believes In:

  • Your Child Achieving Academic Excellence
  • Your Child Participating in Strong Sports Teams
  • Your Child Having Excellent Extracurricular Opportunities
  • Your School District Exercising Fiscal Responsibility
  • Your School District Ensuring Opportunities are Accessible for Every Child
  • Your School District Making Appropriate Responses to Emergencies
  • Your School District Making Appropriate Responses to the Current Pandemic and Any Future Pandemics
  • Your School District Ensuring Teachers and Administrators Have Resources to Do Excellent Work
  • Your School District Reinforcing Parent - Teacher Relations
  • Your School District Demonstrating Community Involvement
  • Your Child Advancing Because Your School Board Trustee is Responsive to Your Concerns

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